Why Are There So Many Fossils?


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Dead organisms usually don’t last long.  Scavengers and bacteria consume them quickly.  Soft tissues rarely last more than days or weeks and hard parts like bones or shells, only a month or two.  But the rocks of earth contain billions and billions of fossils and in many places, millions of fossils are exquisitely preserved, even soft parts.  How could this be?  To preserve a body, it needs to be put in a safe place.  Extremely cold or dry places would protect them, but most organisms don’t live in those conditions.


There is another solution.  Rapid burial.  If a body is sealed from oxygen and out of reach of burrowing animals, then it has a good chance of fossilizing intact.  Rapid burial is uncommon today, but there’s much evidence of massive burials in the past.  Not only are many fossils well preserved; they’re found amidst very fine sediment layers.  Fine layers rarely last in the present because all sorts of animals are digging around in the mud and soil searching for food.  In just a few weeks or months, the original layers are destroyed, but in the fossil record, churned up sediments are rare.  If these sediments were laid down rapidly, however, they’d prevent burrowers from doing their job.  And there are thousands of __ such layers in the fossil record all over the world.  This suggests that moving water laid down mud and sand rapidly over a wide area and the process lasted several months.


A year-long global flood as described in the Bible is the best explanation we know for the well preserved fossils and fine layering throughout the rocks of the earth.

Why do so many fossils exist in the world? Explore the answer in this informative presentation provided by our association with Answers In Genesis.

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Why do so many fossils exist in the world? Explore the answer in this informative presentation provided by our association with Answers In Genesis.

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