Transcript: Does God Love Gay People?

Does God Love Gay People? Study Guide

“The simple truth is that Christ died for all of us or He died for none of us.” Alan Chambers, God’s Grace and the Homosexual Next Door

I. An Immediate Answer:

If anyone truly loves God they would know that you’re supposed to treat your neighbor as yourself.

The true answer to our question, “Does God love you, if you’re gay, is yes.” But if you are like most people, you probably need more than [Jonathan Ervin’s] word for it . . .

II. Looking Deeper:

If you don’t believe in God, here’a big question you have to answer: “How did everything, including us, get here?”

Now, certainly, there are many views regarding life’s origin consider something we can all relate to our Earth, a ball in the sky, spinning at a thousand miles an hour. The movement of this huge mass is so precise that we set our watches by it. All this is beyond remarkable and beyond chance.

“If the universe is simply an accident, the odds against it containing any appreciable order are ludicrously small.” Dr Gerald Schroeder

It is also important to note that just as God created and ordered the physical universe, He created the human body as well. Your body is composed of tens of of trillions of cells with incomprehensible complexity yet it works with miraculous efficiency.

One popular worldview, atheism, says that your body came into existence from nothing and by chance. However, this unrealistic theory ignores the face that nothing can’t produce something.

You also have an inner need for purpose and a desire to live forever and be something great. Atheism offers no explanation for these inner desires.

Atheists would say that there is no ultimate law-giver and would therefore also have to say that there’s no true moral law. In the atheist worldview, there’s no basis for right and wrong.

Nothing else makes logical sense except to believe that God created [us] and that we belong to Him.

If there is a God, then wouldn’t that God naturally seek to communicate with us, His creation, and have the ability to do so?

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1. Does God Love Gay People? Study Guide

Evidence of God’s communication:
His order communicated in the world around
His constancy in the rising and the setting of the sun each day His steadfastness in the new buds that bloom each Spring
[We] hear His creativity in the songs that the birds and crickets His magnitude through the rush of wind through the trees
[We] feel His love through the people He puts in [our lives]

But even beyond all this, God has clearly communicated what is best for us.

God desires to communicate directly to us and through us. Despite its 40 authors the Bible, as a unified whole, shares one complete story, backed by archaeology, hundreds of fulfilled prophecies, supportive secular testimony and it is, by far, the most preserved record of all-time, describing humanity and the human condition perfectly.

Since God created us, He knows what is best for us.

“Just because you are tempted to do something doesn’t mean that’s what is best for you.”

One of the areas that is very important to both God and us is our sexuality. Sex is a supremely powerful force in human experience. The power of sex can be used for both the greatest good in the human experience, or when misused for the greatest evil.

We would all agree that while sex and love cannot be equated, human beings are designed to experience love and sex together.

God establishes boundaries for us, both because he loves us, including very clear boundaries on the expression of sexuality. God knows that fallen sexual activities are not going to truly fulfill us and do not enable us to have and maintain loving and stable families.

Homosexuality is one of many distortions of sex as God intended it for His human creation.

Jesus refers back to Genesis where God clearly established that a male and female as husband and wife would join in sexual union. Jesus upholds sexual relations only between and man and a woman, and only in marriage.

The boundaries for sex that God gives in the Bible are established to protect us from painful consequences. Study after study has shown many serious health risks associated with homosexual activity.

2. Does God Love Gay People? Study Guide

These risks include:
(A) A 4000% increase in anal cancer (double that for those who are HIV Positive)

(B) AIDS: a majority of cases being contracted by men who have sex with men 

(C ) Life expectancy lowered by 10-30 years

Augustine once said of God: “You have made us for yourself and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.”

If you are honest with yourself, sex has neither fulfilled your innermost needs, nor your deepest hurts, as long as your pursue sex, money, status, or anything else instead of the God who made you, you will continue to experience, at best, emptiness in life, and at worst, destructive consequences.

III. What God Offers Us

(A) A way out of Hell both here and now, and for eternity.

(B) He is the protection that you need. Jesus never lied, never cheated, never stole. Jesus never sinned.

(C) The strength you need to live for Christ will come to you through the Holy Spirit

Key Scriptures:

Genesis 1 & 2; Leviticus 18:6-16; Matthew 19: 4-6; Isaiah 53:5

Recommended Further Reading:

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