Transcript: Does God Care If I Suffer?

Does God Care If I Suffer?

Dr. Bruce A. Little

I often say if you want to know the mind of God is about sin and death and suffering go to the widow Nam, as Jesus is walking in and the widow is bringing her only son out. He’s died and they are going out to bury him. Jesus comes along. Nobody asked Jesus to do anything. Nobody says “oh, can’t You bring him back to life.” No, Jesus just looks at what is going on and without anybody asking He reaches down and He touches the young man and He says “rise up.” That’s the heart of God with view to suffering.

We as Christians at least do not expect everything to be perfect on this earth. Our hope is that the coming of the day when Christ will return and there will be a rule of righteousness and the Bible says that no more death. No more sorrow. No more tears. No more crying. That’s what we look for but until then we live in a broken place and we have a God Who is not indifferent to what is going on.

He is also a God who is true to Himself. He is true to what He has given man. I give you freedom of choice within boundaries. If you use that to do wrong then somebody is going to get suffering. God may intervene and reverse circumstances. He can do that. I don’t say He can’t. I don’t think that is the rule. I think that is the exception but He is always there with His care, His love, His comfort to see that we can get through this.

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