Transcript: Do You Have True Life?


A Study Guide

Before I answer the question what is true life I would like to pose a question back to you, what do you think true life is?  You might think its fame and money and that would be a good response if it were true.”- Jesse Connors Founder and CEO of


I.               WHAT IS TRUE LIFE?

 It’s not……

-       Fame

-       Money

Question: What do others think it is?


-       Love

-       Helping other people

True Life Defined: God created you for much more than fame, money, and human relationships - He created you to have a relationship with Him. 

God is Creator:

-       God created it all

-       Including you and me

-       This means God owns us and He sets the rules  

II.             THE PROBLEM

The "good person" test

-       Have you told a lie?

-       Have you held a grudge?

-       Have you been selfish?


1.     In Ecclesiastes, Solomon talks about the vanity of life, in what way is life vanity?

2.     At the end of Ecclesiastes, Solomon sums up the purpose of life: to fear God and obey His commands. How should we understand this in light of Christ? (Reference: John 3:36)

3.     Understanding that true life is found in Jesus, what should our response be to those who do not know this truth? (Reference: Matthew 28:19-20)

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