Transcript: Are the Gospels Accurate?


A Study Guide

Are the gospels accurate? It’s another great question.  When people ask me that question they often want to know how do we what Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote in the gospels is what Jesus really said or things Jesus really did. - Dr. Ed Gravely


       1) Things that are unverifiable.                                           

- Jesus has a private conversation with one of his apostles

       2) Things that are verifiable.                              

- Geographical references

- Chronological markers

- Naming politicians

- Geographical locations

*** All these references have been checked and have 100% accuracy

Question: So what do we do with places where the gospel can’t be verified externally? 


1)    Gospel record

Similarities in the 4 gospels

-       He was God and became a man

-       That he lived on the earth and

-       Taught about the kingdom of God that

-       He died on the cross, a death for sin and that

-       He rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. 

2)    External Confirmation/Historical Records

      Jewish scholars: claiming that Jesus was this crazy guy who claimed to be a messiah who was the deceiver of the people. 

      Roman scholar: are going to describe early Christian beliefs in a messiah and God as being subversive and contrary to the government.

      Greek scholars: are going to describe Jesus and list him among of some of the religious teachers and describe him as being foolish.

Things that Jesus talked about…

-       Being God in the flesh

-       He talked about God being sent by the father  

-       Doing the will of the Father

-       Hell for those who reject the son

-       He talked about our sinfulness and our need of a savior

-       He promised that he was offering himself as the ransoms for many

Things Jesus did…

-       Died

He died a death for sin but not for his own sin he died for our sin and our expectation was the judgment of God.

-       Resurrected

God raised Christ from the dead to give us the promise of new life for those who would believe in him. 

-       Ascended

He ascended into heaven and sent his church on a mission.  

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