Partners With Mogiv to Help Churches Increase Generosity

As a partner, you've already seen firsthand how passionate we are about empowering your church's members to evangelize and spread the gospel.

And we're just as passionate about empowering YOUR church to do even more ministry in the neighborhood and city that God has called you to serve.

This is why I am SO excited to introduce you to Mogiv,'s newest ministry partner. Mogiv is an online and mobile giving tool that is helping "radically resource" churches across the country to pursue the Great Commission.

In the next week or so, one of my friends at Mogiv is going to be giving you a call to talk about generosity at your church and to share some of the things Mogiv has been doing to help 100s of churches increase their monthly giving by 20% (or more)!

While you're waiting for the call, I'd LOVE for you to take a minute to watch the short video above to learn a bit more about what Mogiv is all about. below to request a FREE demo of Mogiv.

I know you'll be glad you did!

Because of Jesus,

Jesse F. Connors, M.Div.
Founder of