Association with Answers in Genesis is thankful to announce that we have associated with Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis. has prayed to be able to make such an announcement, and we thank God that the day has finally come.

If there is one organization that could help deliver superior content, Answers in Genesis is it. Answers in Genesis is known around the world for their comprehensive biblical, video and print resources that equip churches and seekers with tools to know and understand God. Their ever-growing library of resources took new heights as they opened the Creation Museum in 2007, where nearly two million people have visited so far. Their “Answers” magazine has won top national awards and the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) recently awarded there top honor as they continue to service millions of online visitors from around the world each year.

While speaking to pastors about the founder of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham, explained, “You know, many people are fearful to evangelize, or to witness to others because they’re worried about the questions they are going to get asked. Well can help you with that.” Ham goes on to explain the importance of the invitation card as it takes the major fears away from evangelism. These fears include the fear the length of a conversation, the fear of the questions that may be asked and the fear of not having a proper starting point. In the video, Ken Ham holds up his friend Johnny Hunt’s card as the solution and says, “When somebody asks you a question you can give it to them and they can go to and find answers. And we trust as a result of that, they would be interested in going to church, and we pray that it would lead to their salvation.”

When Jesse Connors, the Founder of, was asked about the association with Answers in Genesis he said, “During our nine year start up period I often found myself praying to work with Answers in Genesis to help us develop our content. Today, I know that I’m standing in the midst of a major answer to prayer.” He continued, “Like Answers in Genesis we are committed to effectively equip believers to defend their faith with excellence. And I believe the content that we are releasing today meets that high standard.” now serves nearly 1,000 churches and are seeing up to 70 percent of people in those churches evangelize with their new implementation strategy. also is officially releasing two new videos today with Ken Ham, “Is There a God?” and “Was there a Flood?” These high-energy action packed short films serve as a testimony of the commanding evidence that exists for our Creator Jesus Christ.