Partners in Promotion of <i>God's Not Dead</i> Film

"God's Not Dead” opened in theaters on March 21, 2014 and carries an extremely culturally relevant message for today’s audience as it takes viewers into a college philosophy class where the professor despises Christianity. The first assignment in the class is to write the words "God Is Dead" on a piece of paper and turn it in. When one brave student refuses to do so, he is instructed by the professor that if he is unable to complete the assignment he must argue the antithesis (God's Not Dead) in class. The remainder of the movie presents a well thought out, powerful, and cogent argument for the existence of God and faith! has been blessed by the opportunity to partner with "God's Not Dead" in the cross-promotion of this movie and "God's Not Dead" has promoted in the partners section of the movie's webpage, their facebook page, twitter @GodsNotDeadFilm, in their press release, and distributed a flyer in a screening bag to over 7,000 pastors! has taken to social media to promote this exciting and compelling movie as well! Be sure to like our facebook page at and follow us on twitter at @truelifeorg!

It is our hope and prayer that our great God will use "God's Not Dead" to encourage and embolden Christians in their faith and speak truth into the lives of unbelievers. We further pray that God will use this film in conjunction with our ministry efforts to empower Christians to boldly take the light of the Gospel to the gas stations, grocery stores, coffee shops, and drive-thru's to proclaim, “God's Not Dead! He is alive, and He loves you,” as they invite people to their church and offer as a place where they can find free video answers to many of life’s hard questions.