Helps Mormon Realize Jesus is the One True God

We absolutely love hearing stories from people about how has impacted the lives of people they know. If you have one of these stories, please take the time to call or email and share it with us ( By God’s grace, we’ve been blessed to hear stories from far and wide about how God has moved through the faithful witness of ordinary men and women, just like you. There are plenty of these stories that deserve to be told, but for now, we’d like for you to hear the stirring testimony of one pastor serving in Montana.

Founder and CEO Jesse Connors, was in Great Falls, Montana at the Pastor’s Conference and Annual Meeting of the Montana Southern Baptist Convention. During his time there, he had the opportunity to speak with Pastor KJ Ellington, who serves at Community Bible Church in Jordan, Montana. “We had a lady who showed up at our church,” Pastor KJ began, “and she had questions – she was a Mormon and she had been having questions in her mind. And so, she showed up at our Bible study and she was asking deep questions that we didn’t have the answers to because I’m not an expert in Mormonism,” he said.

“And so, I remembered that I had signed up for this website and I said, ‘Hey! This would be the perfect opportunity to show her this video!’ So I gave her the card and explained to her about the website. She went and watched the video and the next day she called me and said referring to the Narrator in the video, ‘That lady read my mind! She knew the exact questions that I had been asking and gave me the answers that I needed! So now, I’d like to talk to you more about Jesus.”

Can you believe that? Something as utterly simple as handing this woman a card and telling her about TrueLife was enough to prompt her to watch the TrueLife video on Mormonism. And watching that brief video was enough for the Holy Spirit to prompt her to seek out the truth about who Jesus is. And it gets better.

Pastor KJ continues, “So, I had the opportunity to lead her to the Lord! And now, she is an active member of our church, taking part in the ministries of our church. And I’d like to thank for providing that opportunity and that video that has changed one woman’s life.”

As much as we rejoice in the success of with Pastor KJ in the salvation of this sister, we understand that such successes point not to the greatness of a website, a video, an invitation card, or even a faithful pastor, but rather to the Glory of God in gospel of Jesus Christ. May the Spirit bless you and your church with many stories just like Pastor KJ’s, that your city, your town, and the whole world might know that Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father!