Founder Speaks to the Nevada Baptist State Convention

Jesse Connors was invited to the annual meeting of the Nevada Baptist State Convention in Las Vegas on October 22nd and 23rd. During his visit to the convention, he was afforded the opportunity to share with all the pastors in attendance about, the exciting new web-based ministry that aids churches with their evangelism and provides video answers to the hard questions posed by nonbelievers.

Speaking passionately, Connors pleaded with the pastors to expand their church’s evangelistic engagement. Nevada, in particular, Las Vegas is in dire need of a fresh evangelistic presence. 64.2% of people residing in “Sin City” don’t claim adherence to any kind of religion. All total, only 7.7% are evangelicals, by recent estimates.

Making reference to these discouraging numbers, Connors compelled the pastors, saying, “We need to get the army out there, that we do have, and that’s what we’re here to help you do.” He continued, “Our members are so afraid to share their faith. They are afraid that they are going to be asked a question to which they do not know the answer. They are afraid it’s going to take too much time, and they are afraid of not having a starting point.” is blessed to eradicate these fears and lead your members to the evangelism destiny God wants each of His children to have. He shared with the pastors that genuine evangelistic growth requires that Christians develop not only a better strategy, but a truly broken heart for the eternal destiny of the lost.

Connors’ speech was very well received and several churches chose to partner with following the presentation. Jesse and the rest of the team at would like to thank the Nevada Baptist State Convention and especially its Executive Director, Kevin White, for the opportunity to present to the pastors in attendance at the meeting. We look forward to serving with them and are trusting God to do great things in Nevada.