TrueLife Connects at GA Baptist Reach Evangelism Conference

Over the past few months,'s founder Jesse Connors had the opportunity to speak with Joel Sutherland, the Director of Evangelism for the Georgia Baptist Convention about the state of evangelism in our churches. After hearing about how God is so greatly using to encourage evangelism in churches across the country, the opportunity was presented for to take part in "Reach Out," the strategy conference of the GBC's four "Reach" Evangelism Conferences. counts it as an honor and a privilege to have had the opportunity to partner with such a fantastic conference hosted by Maysville Baptist Church in Maysville, GA, and to be able to assist the GBC in its evangelism efforts.

As part of this partnership, had the honor of being able to host a luncheon for the pastors who attended the conference. During the luncheon we had the opportunity to show our new video, "Is Abortion Wrong?" and the overwhelmingly positive feedback was truly a blessing. In addition, Jesse had the honor of presenting and discussing at length how God is using it to encourage evangelism and invitation in our churches. Pastors learned that only 2% of Christians, on average, are currently doing anything to share their faith; but to God's glory, after just one Sunday's introduction to, we are seeing upwards of 70%-80% get involved in evangelism and invitation! We even had the opportunity to role play and simulate handing out invitation cards in different situations to show how simple and effective it really is! had a wonderful time connecting with new pastors (senior pastors, youth pastors and new church planters) and was blessed with many new church partnerships as a result, but perhaps the greatest blessing came from catching up with old friends that are already using in their churches. No matter how many conferences we attend, one of the greatest joys we experience is the multitude of stories we hear from pastors who visit our booth about individuals who came to know Christ, were baptized in, or joined their church as a result of their involvement with

We would like to thank Maysville Baptist Church for hosting a fantastic conference and their partnership with We would also like to thank the Georgia Baptist Convention for their vision and determination in making the Reach Out Conference such a success. Finally we would like to thank Joel Southerland for his role in helping to make all this happen. We are blessed and honored by you all!