Ten-minute TrueLife Video Shown at Utah / Idaho Baptist State Convention Receives Rousing Applause

Jesse Connors, President of TrueLife.org, was offered the opportunity to speak at the Utah and Idaho state convention on October 22nd and 23rd, but had to decline due to a scheduling conflict. As it happened, the Nevada state convention was having their annual meeting on the same days and they too had offered Connors the opportunity to speak.

As it happened, the Nevada convention would be the one that Connors would attend. Rather than allowing such a great opportunity to share about TrueLife.org with the people of Utah and Idaho pass by; Connors and his team set to work producing a high-quality video that would be presented to those in attendance. The short ten-minute video briefly explained and demonstrated TrueLife.org for the Utah and Idaho pastors who were present at the convention.

According to reports from convention leadership, the video was very well received and was affirmed by a rousing round of applause from the audience. It was reported that the pastors were encouraged to learn that such an innovative tool for evangelism existed. Several pastors and churches have expressed interest in partnering with TrueLife.org. As a result of viewing the exciting video, convention leadership has invited Connors to return and personally speak to Utah and Idaho pastors in the future.