Southern Baptist Convention 2014 was once again honored to have the opportunity to be an exhibitor at this year’s annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. The opportunity to share with such a large number of pastors and church leaders about what our great God is doing through, and the difference it can make in overall evangelistic ministry of their churches, is truly a blessing. Wanting to make the most out of this opportunity, secured a 20-by-20-foot booth to host the exhibit.

This year’s exhibit was elegantly designed, including several large live topiaries and beautiful drapery that extended from the large overhead sign all the way to the floor. In fact, when one person came by, he said, “Wow! This booth really does make you feel that you are outside!” As visually appealing and attractive as the exhibition booth was, was more excited to be able to bring several knowledgeable staff members along to provide answers to the questions that pastors, evangelists, and denominational executives had when they came by to visit the booth and find out what was all about.

During the convention, the staff had numerous opportunities to share stories with those that came by about how people’s lives are being changed at gas stations, grocery stores, and drive thru windows across this country through the use of’s free, online apologetics videos featuring many notable Southern Baptists and other evangelical leaders. Many heard for the first time how after just one Sunday’s introduction, is helping churches get 70%-80% of their congregations involved in invitation and evangelism when the national average hovers around 2%. is always blessed when we hear stories from pastors about how God has so greatly used in their churches to motivate evangelism, and the SBC ’14 was certainly an encouragement in this regard. Numerous pastors and evangelists stopped by the booth with stories about individuals whose lives have been saved and how they are seeing their people recognize God’s presence in their lives more abundantly through their partnership with Many pastors simply stopped by to tell us that they were excited about their upcoming renewal and were eager to get more invitation cards! was also thrilled to have made many new partnerships and ministry contacts at this year’s convention. Over 30 churches partnered with us during the week, and many more requested that we contact them with more information!

A special thanks goes out to Dr. Frank Page for graciously inviting President Jesse Connors and the rest of the team to host an exhibit at the SBC. The team at looks forward to future opportunities to partner with leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention to help churches bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the everyday places people live their lives.