September 2015 | New Encouraging Monthly Video

Don’t forget to include with your “Back to Church Sunday” theme! From a biblical perspective, inviting people to church needs to be a daily objective for each member and is so thankful to make this process so easy.

As you know we have monthly videos that we are using to help encourage evangelism and invitation and this is our latest addition. We hope this video serves as an encouragement to you.

Please remember to show these monthly videos while incorporating the same type of challenge you used when you showed the main five-minute video. If you have not used all the monthly videos you can consider using one each week for the next four weeks. Simply log into your dashboard and pick your favorites and begin to use this pattern:

Preach an invitation oriented message and towards the end, hand out five cards to everyone and show the encouragement video. After the video plays, ask the congregation, “How many of you can commit to handing out invitation cards this week?” The entire congregation should raise their hands! Capitalize on this pivotal moment by telling them that next week you'll be checking up on them, to see whether or not they did. We receive regular reports from churches that utilize the cards in this way saying that seventy to eighty percent of their congregation had invited someone to church the following week! And the same amount raise their hands after being asked whether or not they were blessed by the Lord for inviting.

We are praying for you and your church and look forward to reaching out to you again soon!