Rev. Jonathan Falwell Encourages Hundreds of Pastors to Catalyze Evangelism with

More than 500 pastors were gathered at the REFUEL Conference hosted by Thomas Road Baptist Church to be encouraged and energized with top speakers from all around the country including Ed Stetzer, President of Lifeway Research, and Jack Graham, Pastor of Prestenwood Baptist Church, one of the largest congregations in North America.

During one of REFUEL’s morning sessions, Thomas Road’s Senior Pastor, Jonathan Falwell, introduced Jesse Connors, Founder of TrueLife and invited him to the stage. Speaking to the crowd about TrueLife, Falwell explained that inviting neighbors to church and telling people about Jesus can be very difficult for church members, but then noted that makes things so much easier.

Pastor Falwell explained that makes professionally crafted invitation cards for churches. He took this opportunity to hold up one of his own invitation cards that had been printed especially for Thomas Road Baptist Church. To date, Thomas Road has had TrueLife print roughly 40,000 cards so that the people of their congregation can hand them out to the folks in their community. Whether it’s at the gas station, or a grocery store, or even on the restaurant table along with a generous tip for the server, the people of Thomas Road have at their disposal an effective evangelism resource which is informative, visually appealing, and easy to distribute. Falwell went on to explain that when someone gets the invitation card, they can then go online to to find free video answers to some of their hardest questions – before they even set foot a church. “Wherever they are in their life,” Falwell said, “there is a video on that can help them.”

The ultimate answer to all of life’s hardest questions, of course, is Jesus Christ. His perfect, sinless life, death on the cross, and bodily resurrection from the dead is the perfect answer to the universe’s most devastating problem – sin. At the end of each of TrueLife’s engaging videos, the viewer sees a presentation of the gospel, tailored specifically for where they are in life, and is encouraged to find a church. It’s our prayer that in this way, many will come to know the life-altering peace and assurance that can be found in Christ alone.