Pastor Testimonies - Southern Baptist Convention 2015

Last week, at the Southern Baptist Convention in Columbus, Ohio, experienced something truly remarkable. Nearly 100 pastors visited our booth just to share their excitement regarding their church’s response to! We were thrilled as we listened to the stories of how 70-80% of the members in their congregations are now actively involved in reaching the lost! We’ve gathered together some of these testimonies so you can see for yourself the impact can have in the life of your church.

Just as our nearly 1,700 enrolled pastors have, we pray that you will conclude that is not just a concept to help encourage invitation and evangelism, but a proven strategy that works to take the Gospel from the seats of your church to the streets in your community.

How does work so efficiently?

1) Simply preach a passionate Great Commission message emphasizing the Christian's duty to invite and evangelize. At the end of your message hand five cards to each member in attendance. These cards have your churches information on one side and the information on the other side.

2) SHOW THIS SHORT VIDEO, which you can find on our blog. Ask “How many of you can commit this week to inviting someone to church?” While the majority of people are raising their hands say, “I’m going to ask you next week whether or not you did.”

3) The following Church gathering, ask, “How many of you were able to hand out an invitation card?” You should see 70-80% of your congregation raise their hands! Following this, ask, “How many of you who handed out invitation cards felt blessed by God for doing it?” Out of those 70-80% we believe you will see every hand raised again!

This is our proven method for seeing 70 to 80% easily invite after your Great Commission message. To keep the momentum going, we have MONTHLY VIDEOS that churches use with the same methodology shared above.

Our Southern Baptist Convention discount (20% off) lasts until July 3rd. For the sake of the lost in your community, please don’t miss out on this one time offer!

Join us in reaching this world for Christ! For more information on enrolling today, please CLICK HERE to schedule a consultation or call 1-800-749-0570 to talk to one of our representatives.