Over 25,000 Receive TrueLife.org Invitation Cards at Liberty University’s Scaremare

TrueLife.org is so thankful for the awesome partnership we have with Liberty University. We’re especially excited to have the opportunity to join with them this year during Scaremare, the school’s annual spooky production geared toward evangelism. The house at Scaremare contains scenes of death and mystery and carries on a 41-year tradition at the university. As it has been for the past four decades, Scaremare remains a strategic platform to share the good news of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection to those who would not normally attend church.  This year alone, the university is expecting to host 26,000 visitors to the event and each of them will receive a TrueLife.org card!

Scaremare coordinator and Assistant Professor of Youth Ministries, Dr. Richard Brown, said of the partnership, “It’s great to know that after thousands experience this event we can give each of them an invitation card to TrueLife.org after they hear the good news of Jesus Christ.”

The front of the customized cards that visitors receive highlights the words of Jesus in John 10:10: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” The back of the card carries the TrueLife.org logo, pointing them to the website where they can find “Free Video Answers to Life’s Hard Questions.”

Jesse Connors, Founder of TrueLife, had this to say: “Those who don’t believe that Christ is the only way to Heaven need to know that the Bible isn’t some undocumented, fairy-tale-like, blind faith. The faith we have is backed by history, logic and reason – all of which lead us to the conclusion that Christ is our risen Savior from sin. And we know that many people coming to Scaremare this year have some pretty serious questions. So, we’re just thankful to all the event staff for seeing the value of having them leave with a TrueLife.org card to help answer some of those questions and plug into one of our network churches when they’re ready.”

If you are a member or a pastor of one of our nearly 1,500 TrueLife.org churches, we want to encourage you to use the opportunities you have at Fall Festivals, Trunk or Treat’s or other Halloween festivities to distribute your church invitation TrueLife.org cards and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.