On Mission Magazine sent 50,000 Southern Baptist Pastors' Information About TrueLife.org

TrueLife.org is being promoted in the 
premier Southern Baptist pastor magazine, On Mission: Pastor's Edition. 
Fifty-thousand pastors across America received the winter issue this 
year. On Mission's goal is to highlight the work of the North American 
missionaries and encourage Christians and their Acts 1:8 partners to be 
actively involved in sharing Christ and starting churches. 

The review for TrueLife.org states: 
"TrueLife.org is an online outreach tool for churches, providing a place 
to send seekers for answers to tough faith questions. This resource 
answers questions about Chrsitainity, ethics and current issues with 
Scriptural responses. Seekers also are given the opportunity to find a 
church in their area for further investigation."

Referring to the review, Jesse Connors, 
the Founder and CEO of TrueLife.org, said, "There isn't a better 
magazine for us to be in! Our aim at TrueLife.org is to embolden 
evangelism and encourage discipleship among believers. We are now seeing 
this to fruition in hundreds of churches across the country, thanks in 
part, to this review."