New Video Release: "What About Those Who Haven't Heard?"

We are beyond thrilled and thankful for the tremendous response our leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention have had toward our new What About Those Who Have Never Heard? film! Please enjoy reading the wonderful quotes below!

"We have all wondered at times about the present and eternal future of billions who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through this phenomenal video presentation, you will hear one of the greatest theologians and evangelists answer this question. Once you watch this, you will want to share it with others."

Ronnie Floyd – President – Southern Baptist Convention

Ronnie Wayne Floyd has served since 1986 as Senior Pastor of Cross Church in Springdale in northwestern Arkansas, USA. On June 11, 2014, upon close of the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting, Dr. Floyd became its 60th president.

"Dr. Paige Patterson has profoundly related biblical truth to an issue that haunts many believers and that is the issue of those with never heard the gospel. In this short video, he powerfully answers difficult questions and presents the truth. I not only agree with him but I pray that millions will watch this video."

Dr. Frank Page – President – SBC Executive Committee – Nashville, TN

Dr. Frank Page is the president of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.  He has served in this role since October 1, 2010.  Dr. Page was also the President of the SBC from 2006-2008. Prior to his current post, Dr. Page has served as a pastor and teacher for over 30 years. 

“I have known only a few people whose passion for reaching the lost is as great as Paige Patterson's. And I have known only a few people who have been able to address this question as well as Paige Patterson. As you watch this short video, you will indeed become biblically edified. But you will also become more fervent in your gospel witness. What an incredible presentation of a powerful gospel reality!”

Dr. Thom Rainer – President & CEO – LifeWay Christian Resources – Nashville, TN

Dr. Thom Rainer is the president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources.  Prior to LifeWay, he served at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for twelve years where he was the founding dean of the Billy Graham School of Missions and Evangelism. In addition to speaking in hundreds of venues over the past 20 years, Rainer led Rainer Group, a church and denominational consulting firm, from 1990 to 2005. The firm provided church health insights to over 500 churches and other organizations over that period.

"From the beginning of time, God has been revealing Himself to humankind. He wants to be known. Dr. Patterson has done a great job of explaining through Scripture how God does that and how each one of us can know Him in a personal way."

Dr. Kevin Ezell – President – North American Mission Board – Alpharetta, GA

Dr. Kevin Ezell has served as the President of the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention since 2010. Prior to being elected this position, Dr. Ezell served as the senior pastor of Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, KY for 14 years. He has also served as senior pastor of churches in Illinois, Tennessee, and Texas.

"Dr Paige Patterson goes straight to the Bible to answer one of life's most perplexing questions. How about those who have never heard the Gospel? Listen and learn!"

Dr. Johnny Hunt – Pastor – First Baptist Church – Woodstock, GA

Dr. Johnny Hunt is the pastor of one of the largest churches in the Southern Baptist Convention and served as the SBC President from 2008-2010. He has been the senior pastor of FBC Woodstock since 1986 and in that time, the church has grown from approx. 1,000 members to over 19,000. Pastor Johnny is also an accomplished author and much sought after speaker.

"The question about 'the innocent man on the island' who has never heard the gospel is a familiar and important one. Here is a solid, biblical answer that provides God's perspective on the issue."

Dr. Danny Akin – President – Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary – Wake Forest, NC

Dr. Danny Akin is the current president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC, now, our largest seminary in terms of enrollment. He has held this position since 2004. In 2012, his book Engaging Preaching was named Book of the Year for “Enhancing the Preacher’s Skill” by Preaching Today.

"Dr. Paige Patterson has spent his life reaching sinners with the gospel of Jesus Christ. "What About Those Who Have Never Heard?”, featuring Dr. Patterson, is a most helpful evangelistic tool. I have already viewed it with my family, and you should too."

Dr. Jason Allen – Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary – Kansas City, MO

Dr. Jason Allen has served as the President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary since Monday, Oct. 15, 2012. He is the youngest seminary president in the Southern Baptist Convention, and one of the youngest presidents in higher education in America. Previously, he served as the vice president for Institutional Advancement at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Ky., and executive director of the Southern Seminary Foundation.

“Dr. Paige Patterson has given a clear and powerful biblical answer to those who wonder about the fate of those who have never heard the gospel, particularly when they live without apparent access to a Christian witness. I especially like the provision made for those who view the video to find a church in their area to further help them explore the gospel. TrueLife has provided an important tool for those who want to bear witness to Jesus and an accessible path for those who seek answers to serious spiritual questions.”

Dr. Charles Kelley – President – New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary – New Orleans, LA

Dr. Charles S. (Chuck) Kelley, Jr., was elected unanimously February 23, 1996, as the eighth president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. A much-requested public speaker throughout the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Chuck Kelley is recognized widely both for his evangelistic preaching and for his research in the area of church growth.

"Dr. Page Patterson, one of the most fervent evangelists and witnesses anyone could ever know, gives a compelling answer to the supposedly perplexing problem of the spiritual state of those who have never heard the Gospel."

Dr. Richard Land – President – Southern Evangelical Seminary – Matthews, NC

Dr. Richard Land is the current president of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC. Prior to this he served Southern Baptists for 25 years as the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC. Dr. Land is also the executive editor of The Christian Post, and in 2005 Dr. Land was named one of the "25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America" by Time Magazine.