New Video Release: "Is There a Place Called Hell?"

This epic short film with Dr. Paige Patterson was made possible because of your partnership! Please consider showing this film to your church before your sermon on Hell!

We have so much synergy together for the Gospel. You live in the reality that while people wonder if there is a place called Hell, they likely won't go to church to learn the answer! That's what makes our ministry so important to include as your members are inviting! And today, this epic five minute film, along with other incredible free content, is available to the person that receives the card.

Your custom invite cards and overall evangelism strategy with should mobilize 80% of the church to invite after one Sunday. Many churches are doubling in size in one year.

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Now, with that said, I am absolutely thrilled to announce the release of our newest film, "Is There a Place Called Hell?" with Dr. Paige Patterson. The message and graphics make for an epic five minute presentation that you will want to watch again and again!

I also wanted to tell you how humbled and thankful I am to have the support of many of my mentors for our project and this short film release.

“The Bible presents Hell as a literal place of eternal torment for all who die apart from Christ. In this remarkable video, Paige Patterson explains the realities of Hell and the urgency of following Christ."
Dr. Jason Allen
President, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Many people today hold the view that a loving God could never allow anyone to go to hell. Others believe that when we die we simply become part of the larger cosmic consciousness. But that’s not what the Bible says. In this compelling video, Dr. Paige Patterson provides a description and explanation based completely on biblical references. Share this with others, as eternity hangs in the balance.”
Dr. Keven Ezell
President / North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention

"What happens when you die? Who goes to heaven? Who goes to hell? Watch this five minute presentation and you will never be the same again."
Dr. Ronnie Floyd
President, Southern Baptist Convention - Senior Pastor, Cross Church

"Dr. Paige Patterson shares the reality of hell in a clear, concise, compelling, and most of all,  compassionate way. Jesus Christ saves from this eternal place."
Johnny Hunt
Pastor - First Baptist Church Woodstock, GA

"My favorite theologian and Bible teacher, Dr. Paige Patterson, here presents a succinct, powerful, and brilliant description of what the Bible tells us about hell and why it is important.  This video should be shared with every living, breathing human in one’s circle of influence.”
Dr. Richard Land, Sr.
President - Southern Evangelical Seminary

“Clear, succinct, sobering – this message will both humble and encourage you as Dr. Patterson explains the reality and nature of Hell.”
Dr. Jeff Iorg
President, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

“Dr. Paige Patterson once again powerfully manifests his maturity, wisdom, and Biblical knowledge in the production of this video, Is There a Place Called Hell? Dr. Patterson has mightily portrayed the reality of a spiritual existence for those who choose not follow our Lord Jesus Christ. The message is clear. It is a personal choice. However, he makes very clear the consequences of that personal choice.  Watch this video and be touched by the power found in this production.”
Dr. Frank S. Page
President / CEO - Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention

"​Paige Patterson is a true role model for evangelism. He longs to see men, women, boys, and girls​ come to know Christ as their Savior. In this video, with rich theological content and deep pastoral concern, Dr. Patterson shares the biblical truths of Hell. Take time to watch it and share it with others. It's just that important."
Thom S. Rainer
President & CEO - LifeWay Christian Resources

Please consider using this video this month for one of your sermons! This will be memorable for the church to see and also help them be aware of the free content on that is available to unbelievers. The more videos your congregation sees from, the more meaningful the invite card distribution will be. 

May God bless you and keep you as you work for His glory and for those that do not yet know their savior Christ the Lord.

Because of Jesus,

Jesse F. Connors