Monthly Encouragement Video / Las Vegas

This month your church will be encouraged to hear from Pastor Johnny and Marjorie Nantze of Spring Valley Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Obviously, they find themselves in a very hard area to minister but is still working super well for them! Marjorie also shares how the card was very helpful after she led a young woman to Christ on a plane.

We have also released our strategic Implementation guide that uniquely charts the course for you to stay on to see 80 percent engage, invite and evangelize. Please DOWNLOAD your copy and print it for a reference guide. Many churches that are using this guide are doubling in size every year. Please trust our research and implement this strategy.

We are continuing with our online training. We will have another live webinar, April the 7th at 2pm EST. We go into extra detail on how to double down on your efforts to strategically engage your congregation and community. Tom Shepherd will be joining us. His church has grown from 195 to 700 in a little over two years because of and his unique surveying of his church. You don’t want to miss it! So hold your spot for the online webinar today by clicking below.

Thank you so much for your annual partnership with us. We are about to release a new video with Paige Patterson next week called "Is There a Place Called Hell," so be watching for it :)

Because of Jesus,

Jesse F. Connors, M.Div.
Founder and President of