Montana Baptist State Convention Fully Sponsors Churches after Founder Speaks at State Convention’s Founder and President, Jesse Connors, recently attended the Montana Southern Baptist Convention’s (MTSBC) Pastor’s Conference and Annual Meeting held in Great Falls, Montana on October 1st and 2nd. In addition to hosting a booth for, Jesse had the opportunity to take the stage to present the exciting evangelism resource to the pastors that were in attendance. As part of the presentation, three local pastors gave testimonials of how had already blessed their churches and how it will continue to impact their church’s evangelism efforts. KJ Ellington shared how a Mormon converted and is now an active member because of their partnership with

Executive Director for the convention, Dr. Fred Hewett, as well as Evangelism Director, Mark Langley, both quickly realized that had the potential to change the way Montana churches approach everyday evangelism and invitation. They saw the benefit of having an online evangelistic presence to reach the lost in Montana where more and more people are increasingly living their lives – on the internet. They were impressed with how a business sized invitation card with the church’s information and invitation on the front and “” on the back saying “Free Video Answers to Life’s Hard Questions” could eliminate almost every Christians Evangelism hesitations.

Mark Langley says, "There is such a value in having church members hand out these cards and invite strangers to church at the gas stations and grocery stores and anywhere else. The card easily allows the unbeliever to go online and receive incredible quality video answers if they are not ready to come to the church! And they are easily able to find the church that invited them on and start dialoging with the pastor." Mark continued, "I believe this is a complete answer to prayer for our churches here in Montana as there is very little training necessary and pastors are reporting upwards of 95% participation after one Sunday's introduction across the country."

Having bought into the evangelistic vision of, Dr. Fred Hewett and Mark Langley made the commitment at the State Convention to fully fund all first-year enrollment fees for each and every MTSBC church who chooses to partner with TrueLife who could not afford to pay the expense. In addition, the MTSBC leadership invited Jesse back to Montana to speak at an upcoming evangelism conference.

Connors shared, "We are beyond thrilled to have this new partnership with the MTSBC and we look forward to working with the convention’s churches to reach the lost of Montana with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ."

To date, nearly thirty Montana churches have partnered with following the presentation at the convention, with many more convention churches expected to enroll in the coming week.