March 2015 | New Encouraging Monthly Video

As I travel across the country, many pastors tell me how excited they are to see their senior adults using their church's TrueLife invitation cards. Several times I've been told of an elderly woman or man - sometimes even in their 80’s - that had never evangelized in their entire life...but they have started doing so with these cards! As a result, that brand new evangelist now feels so close to the Lord! The pastors that have shared these stories with me are all smiles as they recount the joy that they see on the faces of their church's seniors. These are truly precious stories to me.

Recently, I met Jim while I was in Mississippi promoting I had the privilege of capturing his stirring testimony on film. Jim certainly fits the same elderly profile as the one which those pastors had encouraged me about. Please use this video to help encourage the elderly in your church to evangelize the lost while also reminding the entire congregation that anyone can hand out the cards, regardless of age.

To make the most of this video, preach an evangelism-oriented message. At the end of the message, hand out five cards to everyone and show this compelling encouragement video. After the video plays, ask the congregation, “How many of you can commit to handing out invitation cards this week?” The entire congregation should raise their hands! Capitalize on this pivotal moment by telling them that next week you'll be checking up on them, to see whether or not they did. We receive regular reports from churches that utilize the cards in this way saying that seventy to eighty percent of their congregation had invited someone to church in the the following weeks!

I have no doubt God will use Jim’s story to motivate evangelism in your church! We are praying with you that many souls will come to Christ as a result.