June 2015 | New Encouraging Monthly Video

For the June “Monthly Encouragement Video” I wanted to take your church to one of the most intimidating cities to evangelize and invite in our country, San Francisco. Many would assume people there would be highly unlikely to attend church or want to find out more about God, but this short sequence proves otherwise! Please find a good time to play this video in your church using our proven implementation methodology.

1) Preach a passionate message on evangelism and invitation
2) Hand five TrueLife.org cards to every member
3) Show this short video
4) Ask “How many of you can commit this week to inviting someone to church?”
5) While the majority are rising their hands say, “I’m going to ask you next week whether or not you did.”
6) The following week, ask them “How many of you were able to hand out an invitation card?”
7) Then ask, “How many of you who handed out the card felt blessed by God for doing it?”

This tried and proven method will involve 70-80% of your church. God has made it easy for us.

We do, however, need to remind the congregation to take time to share the Gospel personally during these encounters and look for ways to turn these conversations into friendships.

We have several more announcements that will be made this week that are sure to excite you!

We are praying for you and look forward to reaching out to you again soon!