From 20 families to 65 families in 11 months!

In recent months, pastors across the country have been writing us, sharing incredible stories of their success in handing out invitation cards!

While at the Refuel Conference hosted by Thomas Road Baptist Church, Jeff Chapel, pastor at New Life Praise Church in Sanford stopped by our booth to share his exciting testimony as well! I am so thankful that we were able to capture his testimony on film to share with you! In just 11 months with, New Life Praise Church has grown from 20 families to 65 families! Many in their community have given their lives to Jesus Christ and have been baptized as a result of their partnership with! Please watch this video and allow it inspire you to keep reminding your people to be diligent in handing out your invitation cards!

What about you? Pastor, do you have any stories or testimonies to share? If so, please email us at, and let us rejoice with you and share your stories with our growing network of over 1,500 churches!