Former Southern Baptist Convention President Uses For His Church

Dr. Johnny Hunt, Pastor of First 
Baptist Church Woodstock and former Southern Baptist President, 
distributed invitation cards in his church on January 8, 
2012.  Understanding seekers are likely to search online for answers 
before visiting church; Hunt challenged 7,000 to help distribute tens of 
thousands of invitation cards across their community.

During the service Hunt explained, "We 
want to be faithful wherever the Lord gives us an opportunity to share a 
good word for Him. So we joined up with a group called"

Now FBC Woodstock's members can easily 
invite unbelievers at the grocery store, movie theater or gas station 
with the custom invitation cards. The cards direct 
unbelievers to FBC Woodstock or to allows the 
unbeliever to find answers in a non-confrontational enviroment 
directing them to FBC Woodstock's TrueLife profile, which among other 
things, allows them to email the pastor.

Hunt explained, "It will embolden you to know that you don't have to have all the answers." 

Holding up the invitation 
card, he continued, "Take one of these invite cards and put them in the 
hands of a neighbor. These invite cards can lead people to a website 
that have professional videos answering tough questions about the 
faith. You can go there and see some of our seminary professors 
answering really tough questions." is the only online 
evangelism tool which answers life's hard questions with top-notch 
video, motivates evangelism and invitation with custom-made 
invitation cards, and brings people to church through a unique location 

When Jesse Connors, the Founder and CEO 
of, was asked how he felt after an eight-year development 
period to see becoming so successful, he said, "I have 
always known in my heart that the Lord is doing all this, not me. Taking 
credit for what has happened with is like taking credit 
for a good sermon I preached on Sunday; it would be a big lie. I know 
God is doing this through me, our donors, our great staff, and the 
hundreds of enrolled churches accross the United States." He paused and 
smiled.  "The Lord is making the way for us to wake up our sleeping 
armies and activate evangelism. I love Dr. Johnny Hunt and his heart for 
the lost and I'm thankful that we're a part of First Baptist Church 
Woodstock's ministry."