August 2015 | New Encouraging Monthly Video

Nearly everyday, receives testimonies from pastors about people who have given their lives to Jesus Christ and are now serving Him as their Lord and Savior! Often, those responsible for leading these souls to Christ are not whom you would at first expect! Many of these poeple are what most would call “introverts.” However, the simple act of handing out invitation cards takes away many of their fears, and many tell their pastrs, "I've never invited someone to church before or talked to anyone about Jesus, but I have since I’ve had these invitation cards, and I cannot tell you how close I feel to Jesus!"

Getting 70-80 Percent of people engaged in evangelism and invitation on a regular basis, has become the norm in churches using! This is achieved by the Pastor preaching a Great Commission message, handing five cards to each individual in attendance, showing a short Monthly Encouragement Video, and then asking at the end of the video, "How many of you can commit to handing out a invitation card to someone this week?" Normally 100% raise their hand. The pastor then tells them "Next week I'm going to ask you whether or not you did." You can expect to see 70-80 percent raise their hands the following week after the pastor asks, "How many of you handed out a card this week to someone?" These dynamic results are not an abnormality. If you have not begun implementing monthly in your church, we implore you to do so!

We hope you enjoy this month's video with Pastor Brad Atkins as he shares about what happened in his church on a Invitation Sunday.