April 2015 | New Encouraging Monthly Video

For all of us at TrueLife.org, there is nothing more enjoyable than hearing stories and testimonies of individuals whose lives have in some way been affected as a result of what God is doing through this ministry. TrueLife.org invitation cards make starting conversations about Jesus and the church easy. As a result, we are regularly blessed with stories from pastors about individuals and families who have come to know Christ as a result of a process that began with someone handing them a TrueLife.org invitation card. Church members often write to us with stories of someone they handed a card to, and merely want to thank our team for the work to which God has called us.

Not that long ago, First Baptist Church, Pflugerville, TX, sent in some video footage that was taken during the second Sunday of their implementation of TrueLife.org. After seeing the large number of raised hands in response to the questions, “How many of you took the opportunity to hand out cards to our church last week?” and, “How many of you felt blessed by the Holy Spirit?” Pastor Steve Washburn did something special. He decided to go into the congregation and ask for volunteers to share a quick testimony of someone they handed a card to during the week.

This video shows a few of the responses from those in the congregation that day! Please consider using this video in the next thirty days to help encourage your members to hand out invitation cards to your church and engage in conversations with the lost. Remind them that if the individuals in the video can do it, so can they.

If it has been a while since you did a major push or launched TrueLife.org: to make the most of this video, preach an evangelism-oriented message. At the end of the message, hand out five cards to everyone and show this compelling TrueLife.org encouragement video. After the video plays, ask the congregation, “How many of you can commit to handing out invitation cards this week?” The entire congregation should raise their hands! Capitalize on this pivotal moment by telling them that next week you'll be checking up on them, to see whether or not they did. We receive regular reports from churches that utilize the cards in this way, saying that seventy to eighty percent of their congregation had invited someone to church.

If it has only been a few weeks since you launched TrueLife.org: use this video as a simple monthly reminder to hand out cards in conjunction with the bulletin insert and posters strategically placed around the church. Visibility is the key to success with TrueLife.org. The more you keep TrueLife.org in front of your people, the more they will hand out cards.

I have no doubt God will use FBC Pflugerville’s story to motivate evangelism in your church! We are praying with you that many souls will come to Christ as a result.